A Place of Names

The Place of Names proclaims, in stone, the names of 1,546 Massachusetts men and 1 woman veteran who remain missing or who died in combat as a result of wounds received while in action in Vietnam. Forever more will those who visit this PLACE see the names of those who answered the call and remain forever young. The complex is located on four acres and consists of a pond, walking paths, the Memorials and provides a dignified, quiet, natural location for reflection and learning. The Massachusetts Legislature earmarked over $1.4 million dollars for the project and private donations were raised for the program and dedication weekend which took place June 9, 2002. The Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial was a long time coming and many thanks go to the Legislature, the Department of Veterans Services, the City of Worcester, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Trust and those who kept this dream alive.

In Alphabetical Order

Charles Edward Aaron
Richard D. Aboltin
Michael Dante Acerra
David Foley Ackerman
Joseph Frank Adamick Jr.
Eddie Martin Adams
George Francis Adams
Peter Robert Adams
Philip F. Agnoletti
Joseph John Agri Jr.
Salvatore Joseph Agri Jr.
Brian Paul Ahern
William Robert Alamed Jr.
Peter Albert
James Christopher Albertini
Peter J. Albiani Jr.
Joseph Alfred Albrecht
Kevin Gerry Aldam
Rodney Arthur Alfano
Val Gene Allard
Everett Albert Allen
Francis Monroe Allen Jr.
Wayne Clouse Allen
William Orlando Allen
Milton Richard Allerby Jr.
Arthur Richard Allison
Edward Joseph Almeida
Richard Henry Almeida
Russell Viveiros Almeida
Matthew Perry Amaral III
James Amendola
Carl Edgar Anderson
Edward Anderson
Harry William Anderson Jr.
Robert L. Anderson
Ronald Stanley Anderson
Edward James Andrade
Scott Frederick Andresen
Lawrence Theodore Andrews
Alan Francis Angell
Joseph Anthony Anzalone
Rudolph Ernest Araujo
Donald Leonard Arcand
John Christopher Archbold
Richard Charles Archer
Frederick Vincent Arens Jr.
Edward William Argy
Peter Allan Arkoette
James Paul Arraiz
Richard Hathaway Arruda
Richard Roland Arsenault
Donald Millard Ashton Jr.
Normand Joseph Ashton Jr.
Leo Roger Asselin
Frederick George Atkinson
Robert Joseph Aucoin
Michael Francis Austin
Michael Paul Austin
Allen Jones Avery
Jacob Benedict Babin Jr.
Withold J. Bacauskas
Robert Badcock
James Stephen Baird
Kenneth Alvin Baker
Linwood Lee Baker
Terry Lyman Baldwin
Charles Davison Ballou
John Andrew Barnes III
George Francis Barry Jr.
James Michael Barry
Gordon Keith Barter
Arthur Francis Bartlett
Charles Dennis Bartlett
Ralph T. Basilere
Seymour R. Bass
Fidele Joseph Bastarache
William Kimball Batchelder
Bruce Raymond Baxter
James Terrence Bayne
Charles A. Bazzinotti
Lawrence Frederick Beals
Christopher John Bean
William Alexis Beaubien
Willis Beauford Jr.
Normand Louis Beaulieu
Kenneth Edward Beauregard
David Peter John Bedrosian
Gregory William Beecy
George Henry Belanger
Robert Winslow Belcher
David Leslie Bellerive
Paul George Bellino
Richard Bence
Frank Walter Bengtson
Gary Thomas Benjamin
Kenneth Roger Benjamin
Thomas Evans Bennet
Dennis Guy Benson
Eugene Paul Beresik
Ralph Russell Berg
Robert James Bergeron
Simeon Joseph A. Bergeron
Gerard Francis Bergin
Vincent Bernard
John Anthony Berrio
Ronald E. Berrisford
Alan Wayne Berry
Paul David Berthiaume
Alfred Leon Bertulli
Kenneth Allen Berube
Daniel Stephen Bettencourt
John Francis Bettencourt Jr.
Claude Charles Betty
Charles Lawrence Bifolchi
Robert Francis Bigelow
David Andrew Bingham
Robert Royce Bisbee
Francis Henry Bissaillon
Hugh Frank Blackburn
William Ceacon Blades III
Robert Lawrence Blais
Dale Adams Blake
William H. Blake Jr.
Peter Vincent Blazonis
Wayne Alden Blomstrom
David Anthony Blough
James Mitchell Bogacz
Richard Joseph Bois
Warren William Boles
Francis Arthur Bond
Richard William Bond
William Lawrence Bonnell
Paul Eugene Bonnette
Lawrence Thomas Borden
David Christopher Borey
John Arthur Boronski
Richard John Borovick
Edward Borowiec
Charles George Borowsky
Robert Leon Boss
Russell Peter Bott
Michael Philip Bouchard
Peter Joseph Bouchard
Willard J. Bouchard Jr.
Robert Louis Bouchet
Wilfred Narciss Bourgeois
Valmore William Bourque
Robert George Bousquet
David Winslow Bowman
Gerald Gregory Bradley
Michael John Brady
Richard Carl Brandt
Dana Edward Brann
Dennis James Brault
Peter Malcolm Bredbury
Thomas John Brennan
William John Bresnahan Jr.
Arthur Logan Brewer
Gardner Brewer
Robert Jan Bridges Jr.
Cleaveland Floyd Bridgman
Christopher Dareing Brine
William F. Bronson Jr.
Richard William Brooks
Robert Everett Brooks
Donald Edward Brosius
Arthur Leroy Brown Sr.
Kenneth Raymond Brown
Roger David Brown
Clifton Lee Broyer
Edward Alan Brudno
Paul Frank Brugman
Richard Ellis Brundrette Jr.
Richard Norman Bruso
Waverie Hugh Buchanan
Francois Josephine Builaert
John David Bulger
Ronald Lee Bumpus
John Bruce Burgess
John Joseph Burke
John Martin Burke
Patrick Kevin Burke
Thomas James Burke
Willard Harley Burkhart
Neil Robert Burnham
Earl Kenneth Burns Jr.
Michael Christopher Burns
Robert Edward Burns
Phillip Edward Burrell
Robert Nelson Burroughs
Michael David Burt
Langdon Gates Burwell
Thomas Edward Bush
Richard Howard Buzzell
James Ronald Byrne
Michael Joseph Byron
James Jacob Byszek
Anibal Sylvia Cabral Jr.
James Anthony Cabral Jr.
John Joseph Cabral
Michael John Cadorette
Kevin Arthur Cahill
Paul Matthew Cahill
William Joseph Cahill
John Caldwell Calhoun
Dana Robert Call
Larry Dennis Callaghan
Charles L. Callahan III
Daniel David Callahan
David Francis Callahan
William Thomas Callery
Michael Dennis Camerlengo
George Campbell
Joseph Timothy Campbell
William H. Campbell III
Joseph Edward Candeas
Joseph Paul Candiano
Douglas Allen Cann
Willard Sparks Cannon III
Richard John Canova
Paul Richard Capuano
Richard William Cardinali
Ronald William Cardona
Robert Stephen Carley
Gary William Carlson
Wayne Maurice Caron
John Thomas Carota
Clinton R. Carpenter Jr.
Joseph Francis Carroll
Paul Roland Carson
Richard James Carson
Kenneth Robert Carter
Paul C. Carter Jr.
Zane Aubry Carter
Robert Michael Cartwright
Gilbert Carvalho
Rupert Sadler Carven III
John Joseph Carville
James Ernest Casale
Edwin James Casaletto
George William Casey
James Patrick Casey
Michael James Casey
Thomas Michael Casey Jr.
Ralph Warren Caspole
Samuel Roger Castellano
David Louis Causey
Edward Joseph Cavanaugh
James Henry Cavicchi Jr.
James Patrick Cawley
Joseph Carmen Cerrone Jr.
George Henry Chace
Frank Wentworth Chadwick Jr.
Thomas Eugene Champagne
Joel Henry Chapin
Roger Ovide Charland
Curtis Edward Chase
Freddie Nicklys Chase
Raymond H. Chase
Robert Kendrick Chase
Walter William Chase
Philip Ronald Chassion
John Clifford Chaves
Alan Browne Cheeseman
Richard Daniel Cheney
Frederic Read Chesebrough
Leonard George Jr Chesley Jr.
Henry Anthony Chevalier
Charles Christopher Child
David Andrew Chisholm
Russell Thomas Christian
Peter Bugbee Christianson
Basil Lincoln Ciriello
William Edward Clancy
William Thomas Cloney III
David William Cloutier
William Francis Coakley
James Stephen Cocchiara
Deverton C. Cochrane
William Ayer Coggeshall
Peter Cogill
Gary Martin Cohen
Sheldon Robert Cohen
John Henry Cole
Robert Joseph Coleman
Allan Philip Collamore Jr.
George William Collina
Brian Patrick Collins
Nathaniel Collins
Thomas Timothy Collins
John Patrick Collopy
Nicholas S. Conaxis
John Francis Concannon
James Gregory Condon III
Edward Walter Connelly Jr.
Paul Allan Conner
Richard Connolly
James Francis Connor Jr.
Thomas Joseph Connors
Dennis Conry
Donald Constande
Michael Eugene Constantine
Donald Allen Contarino
Daniel J. Contestabile
John James Conway
Joseph Francis Cook
Peter Allan Cook
Robert Merle Cookson
William Cooley
John Joseph Cooney
Willie James Cooper
Frederick Lawrence Corbett
Edward Richard Cordeau
Edward James Cormier
Eugene Francis Cormier
Gerard Corriveau
Francis Henry Corwin Jr.
Robert Joseph Costa
Robert Francis Cote
Richard Lane Cotter
John Peter Coughlin
Francis Joseph Coulombe
Michael Brendan Counihan
John Alden Countaway Jr.
Henry Conrad Cousineau
Jimmie Michael Couto
Gary Alan Craven
Bernard James Creed
Walter Vincent Crocco
Robert James Croce
Paul Marvin Cronk Jr.
Robert Leroy Crosby
Douglas D. Crowe
Kevin Robert Crowe
James Allen II Crowley
Donald David Crowther
Philip Lee Culver
Charles Henry Cummings
Chester Arthur Cummings
Harold Warren Cummings Jr.
Stephen William Cummings
Robert James Cunningham
Paul William Curran
Gerald Francis Currier
James Joseph Curry
Robert Lewis Curry
Donald Leo Curtin
Frederick N. Curtis
William Joseph Cyr
Paul Steven Czerwonka
Daniel John Dabreu
James Charles Daigle
Joseph Richard Daigneault
Paul Michael Daley
Richard John Daley
Robert F. Daley
Ronald Paul Daley
Walter Ralph Daley
William Michael Daley
Edward Joseph Dalton Jr.
Eugene Thomas Daly Jr.
Richard E. Daly
Paul John D'Amato Jr.
Frank Anthony D'Amico
Roger Joseph Dana
Raymond Maurice Darrigan
Gilford Frank Dashner
Frederick W. Dauten Jr.
Gregory Chalmers Davis
Philip Charles Davis
Richard Robert Davis
Richard Shirley Davis Jr.
Stephen Winfield Davis
Wayne Robert Davis
William Walter Davis Jr.
Michael Lindsay Deane
Ronald Charles DeForrest
James Edward Degnis
Leonard Peter Deinlein
Robert P. Delgiacco
James Loves Delmont
Fred Joseph DeLorenzo Jr.
Philip T. DeLorenzo Jr.
Ronald Leon Delverde
Richard Orin DeMaris
Richard Wilfred Demers
Richard Lawrence Demuth
Randall Morris Denton
Michael Allen DeProfio
Frederick George Derocher
Thomas Albert Derosier
Thomas Alfred Deschenes
Donald Roger Desmarais
Joseph Francis Desmond
Richard Lincoln Desper
Frederick Desrochers
Robert Alan Desrochers
Richard Daniel Devine Jr.
David Francis Devoe
Warren Charles Deyermond
Perry D. Di Berardino
Armand Henry DiBonaventura
Bruce David Dick
Thomas Robert Dickey
Robert J. DiReda
Franco Antonio DiTullio
Warren Mitchell Dixon
William Dixon
Stephen Holden Doane
Louis David II Dobbin
Douglas William Doig
James Edwin Dolan
Thomas William Dolan III
Edgar Snow Doliber
Christopher C. Donahue
John Joseph Donahue
Steven Ellis Donaldson
Paul Nicholas Donato
Robert Alfred Dondero
Pamela Dorothy Donovan
Thomas Stephen Donovan
Gerald Brian Dorr
Douglas Harold D'Orsay
Robert Alan Doten
James Alden Doughty
Lawrence Kent Dowd
Robert Raoul Dowds
Edward Joseph Downey Jr.
Michael Wakefield Downey
Paul Frances Doyon
David Lawrence Drake Jr.
Richard Kenneth Drake Jr.
Henry Milton Drew
Joseph Lawrence Drew
Francis Murtaugh Driscoll
Paul Richard Driscoll
David Alan Drown
Robert Dudek
Paul Dufault
Edward Stephen Duffett
Daniel Benjamin Duffy Jr.
Donald Raymond Duffy Jr.
Lawrence Richard Duffy
James M. Dugan
Harvey Albert Duhy Jr.
Edward James Dull
Roger Joseph Dumont
John David Duncan
Joseph Patrick Dunn
Joseph Wesley Dunn
Michael Roy Dunn
Paul Hubert Dunne Jr.
James G. Dunton
Edward Joseph Dupere
Paul Andrew Dupere
Raymond Dusek
Bernard F. Dutton Jr.
Alfred Thomas Dwyer
Thomas Richard Dwyer
Jeffrey Stephen Dyer
John Stiles Earle
Allan John Eastman
Paul Joseph II Edge
Joseph J. Edmonds
Edward Thomas Egan Jr.
Stanley Joseph Egan
Alan David Ela
Robert Malcolm Elliot
Donald Lyle Elliott
Kenneth Warren Ellis
Richard Wright Ellison
Neil Robert Ellsworth
William Emerson
Stephen Bradford Emery
Thermon Henry Jr Emory Jr.
James Patrick English
Devon Mardic Enman
Steven Charles Erbentraut
Ralph Gabriel Erdely
Daniel Kenneth Erlandson
George Frederick Evans
John Douglas Evans
Joseph Ernest Falardeau
Antonio Falco
Michael Francis Fanning
Lawrence John Farelli
Charles Douglas Farrell
Norman Carl Farris
Eric Richard Fassitt
Louis Anthony Favuzza
Robert Joseph Fay
Eugene Joseph Feeley Jr.
George Francis Fell Jr.
John Anthony Fera
Edward Paul Ference
Robert Clark Ferris
James Ferro
Francis Raymond Ferron Jr.
James Norman Finn
Bobby Lee Finney
Eric Anders Fisher
Richard Allan Fitts
John Francis Fitzgerald
Joseph Edward Fitzgerald
Mark Joseph Fitzgerald
Richard Bernard Fitzgibbon Jr.
Richard Bernard Fitzgibbon III
John Francis Fitzgibbons
Paul Edward Fitzgibbons
Michael Thomas Fitzpatrick
Walter Joseph Fitzpatrick
Paul Dennis Fleming
William John Flint
John Patrick Flood Jr.
Thomas Bernard Flood
William James Flood Jr.
Paul Edward Floyd Jr.
Keith Michael Flumere
Gary Francis Flynn
William Patrick Flynn
Martin Francis Foley
Robert Michael Foley
Robert Paul Foley
Robert Raymond Foley Jr.
Frederick John Follette
John Albert Fontaine
Normand Edward Fontaine
Peter Wellesley Foote
Walter Henry Forbes III
Thomas Vincent Ford Jr.
Michael Joseph Fordi
Ronald Edmond Forget
Richard Joseph Forte
Albert Dean Foster
Thomas Joseph Fox
David Anthony Francis
Richard Wagner II Frank
William David Frawley
Francis Gerald Frechette
Arthur Anthony Freda Jr.
Joseph Augustus Friel
Paul Joseph Frink
John Ralph Frongillo
Dana Stanley Frost
John Joseph Fullerton Jr.
Edward Furtado Jr.
Donald Gagne
Louis Philip Gagne Jr.
Robert Omer Gagne
Alvan Richard Gale
Philip S. Gallagher III
Frank James Gallant
Lawrence Allan Gallerani
Michael James Gambino
Philip Lyle Gamble Jr.
William Kirby Gardella
Robert David Gariepy
Lawrence E. Garron Jr.
Frederick Thomas Garside
Alfred John Gaspar
Robert E. Gately
Robert Sidney Gates
Charles Arthur Gaudreau
Roger Conrad Gaughan
George Sumner Gaunt
Richard Nelson Gauthier
Reginald Joseph Gautreau
Peter Joseph Gauvin
John Chester Gemborys
Louis J. Geneseo
William Henry Gerety Jr.
Edward W. Gero
Alan Robert Gerrish
Peter James Gerry
Charles Getman
Taher Fathi Ghais
Thomas Alfred Ghelli
Raymond Albert Gignac
Harold Jeffrey Gilbert
Richard Joseph Gilbert
Richard Arthur Gilbreath
Joseph Thomas Gile Jr.
Martin L. Gillespie Jr.
Robert James Gillespie Jr.
Peter Warren Gilmore
Ralph Joseph Giordano
Christian George Girard
Louis Mario Girolimon
Ronald Giroux
Martin Gehring Given
Carl Lee Glasscock
John Michael Glasser
Richard Cunningham Glidden
Richard Francis Gliniewicz
Robert Goines
Robert Roland Gonneville
August Gonsalves Jr.
Felix G. Gonsalves Jr.
Danny Eric Goodwin
Philip Benjamin Goodwin
Glenn Raymond Gordon
Paul James Gorman
Paul Leo Gormley Jr.
Thomas Roy Gorrill
George Joseph Gottwald Jr.
William C. Gould Jr.
Robert Thomas Goyette
Leo Francis Grady
John William Granahan
Creighton Rooney Grant
Joseph Xavier Grant
Norman William Grant Jr.
Ronald Lester Granville
Paul Vincent Grasso
Richard Campbell Graves
Richard Joseph Gray
Robert Roger Gray
Thomas E. Gray
Robert Eugene Green
Robert Paul Green
Donald Joseph Greene
Kenneth Lawrence Greene
Joseph Gales Greenleaf
David Edward Gregoire
Lawrence Alphonse Grenham
Frederick William Gresch
Robert Ambrose Griffin
Theodore Steven Griffin
Thomas B. Griffin Jr.
Mark Weldon Grigsby
Jon Leslie Grimmet
Robert Joseph Gritte
William R. Groce
Daniel Lawrence Grover
Gene Delano Grover
Robert Henry Gryzb
Donald Alan Guertin
Gary Richard Guest
Paul Anthony Guida
Joseph Guilmette Jr.
Paul Daniel Guimond
William Francis Gunset
Michael T. Guzzetti Jr.
William Thomas Hagerty
Robert James Hain
David Colin Hall
James Shreve Hall
Robert J. Hallett
Wayne Douglas Hamel
David Kenneth Hamilton
Ralph Gerald Hamlin Jr.
George Martin Hanlon
John William Hanscom
Peter Mykal Hansen
Kevin Barry Hardiman
Arthur Hans Hardy
John Hargett Jr.
Richard K. Harper
Alan Bates Harriman
Frederick E. Harrington Jr.
John Daniel Harrington
Max Gilbert Harris
Robert George Harris
Robert Louis Harrison
John Peter Hartlage III
Christopher Robert Hartley
Robert Joseph. Hartley
Michael Gerald Hartnett
Paul Elias Hassey
Robert Douglas Hauer
Michael Dennis Havel
John Joseph Hayden Jr.
Tristan Whitney Hayes
James Joseph Hazard
Franklin George Hazzard
Charles D. Headley
Robert Blanchard Hedge
Richard W. Hellard Jr.
Roy John Henderson
John Robert Henn Jr.
James Calvin Henneberry
Arthur F. Hennessey Jr.
James Edward Henry
Stephen Michael Henry
James Howard Heppler
Henry Howard Herrin Jr.
James Philip Hickey
Dennis Michael Higgins
David Alan Hill
William James Hillard
James Frederick Hiltz
Charles Albon Hinckley
William K. Hinckley Jr.
Glenn Douglas Hine
Ralph Earle Hines
William E. Hingston Jr.
Stephen Hinkley
Harold Herman Hirtle
William F. Hitchcock
Glenn Edward Hobart III
William John Hodge
John Michael Hohman
David Charles Holden
William David Holden
David Hugh Holmes
Timothy Holster
Robert Alan Holt
Richard Eugene Holtzer Jr.
Barry Wayne Hooper
Leo Joseph Horan
Dennis Joseph Horrigan
Carl E. Hosnander
Clayton Hough
John Richard Houlihan
Norman Locke Howlett Jr.
Cornelius Francis Hubbard
David Lee Hubbard Jr.
Glenn David Hubbard
Frank Charles Hubicsak
Brian Andrew Hubis
James Francis Hubisz
John Barden Hudson
Kenneth Rockwell Hughes
Paul Joseph Hughes
Joseph Thomas Hunt
Richard Warren Huntoon
Roger Michael Hurd
William Paul Hurley Jr.
Ronald Hurst
George Ellery Hussey
David Paul Ingersoll
Gerald Edward Isaacson
Douglas John Itri
John Andrew Jablonski
Zygmunt Paul Jablonski Jr.
Michael Francis Jack
Thomas Francis Jackson
John Paul Jacobs
Charles Egbert Jaquins
Stephen Theodore Jarras
Edward Carl Jarvis
Alfred L. Jasnocha Jr.
Bruce Ellsworth Jason
Frank Paul Jenczyk Jr.
James Joseph Jenks Jr.
Glenn Robert Jennings
Timothy Paul Jennings
Terance Kay Jensen
Donald Charles Johansen
Alan Paul Johnson
Byron Steven Johnson
Daniel Joseph Johnson
Edward Lee Johnson
Hugh Richard Johnson Jr.
James Edward Johnson Jr.
John Robert Johnson
Kenneth Richard Johnson
Kenneth Robert Johnson
Richard Charles Johnson
Rodney W. Johnson
Theodore Fred Johnson
Willis Wayne Johnson
Bruce E. Johnston III
Bennie Frank Jones
Bruce Edwin Jones
Clifford Raymond Jones Jr.
Isaac Jones
Allan Harold Jordan
Dudley Norman Jordan
Kevin John Joyce
John Gerard Joyce
John Henry Joyce
Walter Edward Joyce Jr.
William Edward Jr Joyce Jr.
William Francis Joyce
Kenneth Russell Joyner
Donald R. Judd
William Barry Justin
Walter Joseph Kacsock Jr.
Zdzislaw Bruno Kadlewicz
John Joseph Kalen
Thomas Keith Kamp
Terrance Frederick Kane
Thomas Joseph Kane
Kosmas Peter Kapetanopoulos
Leonard Lee Kaster
John Francis Kazanowski
Steven John Kearns
Allen Francis Keating
Martin Russell Keefe
Paul Patrick Keefe
John Scott Keenan
James Mason Keller
Daniel MacArthur Kellett
Daniel Martin Kelley
Richard Joseph Kelley
Richard Robert Kelley
Brian Richard Kelly
Douglas John Kelly
Patrick Joseph Kelly Jr.
Bruce James Kennedy
David Edward Kenney
John Joseph Kenney
Daniel Wilder Kent
Gregory Patrick Kent
Donald Ray Kerns
Everett Oscar Kerr
Stanley P. Kierzek
Robert Leroy Killabrew
Martin Francis Killilea
Paul Chester King Jr.
Robert Douglas King
Edmund Austin Kinsella Jr.
Gerald Francis Kinsman
Peter Shell Kleinberg
Chester Jon Kmit
Larry Dale Knight
Paul Daryll Knowlton
George Kolby
Paul Michael Kolenda
Nobe Ray Koontz Jr.
Stephen Francis Kostanski
John Albert Kozach
Stephen Edward Krajeski
Jan Krawczyk
Frank Thomas Kreseskie Jr.
Peter Frank Kristof
Paul Steven Krzynowek
David Allen Kuhns
Donald Edward Kulacz
Anthony Edward Kupka
Michael John Kustigian
David Paul Kusy
Marc John Kuzma
Barry Stuart Kyle
George Arthur Kyricos
Donald Arthur Labonte
Clifford Damon LaChance
George Donald Lacus Jr.
Michael John Laderoute
Robert James LaFlamme
William Clive Laidlaw
Ernest Hammond Laidler
Ronald Francis Lake
Richard Arthur Lameiras
Keith Terrell Landers
Paul Joseph Landry
Peter Joseph Landry
Sidney Daniel Lane
Stephen Leslie Lane
Alan Karl Langer
George Francis Lapan
Raymond Roland Lapointe
Angelo Gentry Larraga
Robert Merchant Larson
John Joseph Laskowski
Thomas Daniel Latanowich
Andre Roland Latessa
Lawrence John Lauzon
Robert Karl Lavigne
John David Lawson
John F. Lazarovich Jr.
Robert Leary
John Murray Leaver Jr.
William George LeClaire
Edward Gilbert Lee
Paul Richard Lee
Vincent Burke Lee
Rudolph H. Lefebvre Jr.
Gerald Roger Leger
Emile Joseph Legere
John F. Legge
Arthur Russell LeGrow Jr.
Lawrence Graham Leigh Jr.
Douglas James Lemaire
Walter John Lemieux
William Leonard
Gerald Arthur Letendre
Edward R. Letourneau Jr.
George Robert Levesque
Leo William Levesque
Charles Allen Levis
Thomas Lamar Lewis
Richard Allen Likely
Robert F. Lincoln
Edward Arthur Lionetta
Frank Edward Litchfield
William Harris Little
Robert Richard Litwin
Allen Robert Loane
Joseph Patrick Logan Jr.
Hubert Bradford Loheed
James Thomas Long
Paul Thomas Looney
Edward Lopez
Patrick Michael Lorditch
Edmund Michael Loughlin
Bernard James Lovett Jr.
Barry Lowe
James Michael Ludwig
Howard Henry Luscier
Timothy Joseph Lynah
Daniel Francis Lynch Jr.
James Joseph Lynch III
Kevin Francis Lynch
John Paul Lyon
Henry Elmer MacCann
Jerome James MacDonald
Joseph Anthony Machowski
Antonio Paul Maciminio
Calvin Ronald MacKay
John Donald Kenneth MacLean
Thomas MacMillan
Edmund Lambert MacNeil III
James Edward MacNevin
John Martin Madden Jr.
John Edward Madigan Jr.
John Joseph Magee
James A. Magnusson Jr.
Joel Michael Magrass
Pierre Maheux
James William Mahler
James Costa Maiato Jr.
John Joseph Mailloux
John Joseph Malloy
Ralph Warren Maney
John Sebastian Manferdini
Dennis John Mannion
Anthony Ralph Mantouvales
Daniel Victor Manzaro
Paul John Marcin
Leo Rene Marcoulier
Richard Edward Maree
Richard Agust Marfurt
Robert J. Mariz
Antone Patrick Marks
Bruce Alen Marron
Robert Paul Marsden
Lawrence Jay Marshall
Bruce Edward Martin
Raymond George Masse
Robert Schrack Matern
Robert Matranga
Bruce Joseph Matta
John F. Mattarocchia Jr.
Alan Louis Matte
Earl Martin Matthews
Paul Mazzei
David Alfred McAfee
Richard T. McAndrew Jr.
John Douglas McArthur
Albert Joseph McAuliffe
Morris Ralph McBride
Michael Lester McCafferty
Vincent Owen McCann Jr.
Edward Charles McCarthy
John Edward McCarthy
John Henry McCarthy
Robert John McCarthy
William Francis McCarthy
William J. McClory
Robert William McCluskey
James Patrick McCollum
William Edward McCormack
Thomas A. McCormick Jr.
James Edward McCue
Gerald Francis McDonald
Robert James McDonough
Paul McEachron
Edward Ralph McEleney Jr.
Harry McEwing
James Brian McGarry
Walter William McGinn
Paul Edward McGinness
Kevin Michael McGovern
John Arthur McIntosh
Arthur James McIntyre
Kenneth Dewey McKenney
Arthur Vincent McLaughlin Jr.
Frederick J. McLaughlin
John Bernard McLaughlin
Mark Michael McLaughlin
William F. McLaughlin
Charles McMahon Jr.
Frederick Alfred McMahon
James Harold McMahon
Peter Hinchman McMurray
John Joseph McNabb
Paul Francis McNally
William James McNamara
George William McNees
Joseph Daniel McNeil
Joseph Dennis McNulty
Charles Thomas McNutt
William Joseph McRae
Peter Joseph Mears Jr.
Michael John Medeiros
William Correia Medeiros
Edward Thomas Mello Jr.
James Leonard Melvin
Carlton Joseph Mendall
Glen Alfred Menowsky
Robert John Mercer
Joseph Adelbert Merrill
Robert Franklin Merrill
James Allen Messer
Gerald Ernest Metcalf
John Richard Meuse
Joseph S. Michalowski
Edward Walter Milan
Carleton Pierce Miller Jr.
Charles David Miller
Clark Alan Miller
Irvin George Miller
Daniel Joseph Minehan
Michael Paul Minehan
Robert Miranda
Cyril Mitchell Jr.
Lawrence Howard Mitchell
Michael Howard Mobilia
Douglas Robert Mohrmann
Michael James Monahan
Bruce William Monska
Walter Stephen Mooney
Curtis Wayne Moore
Douglas Fillebrown Moore
Robert Everett Moore
Thomas Richard Moore
Wayne Paul Moore
Kenneth Frederick Moores
John Francis Moran
Paul Robert Moran
Eugene Raymond Moreau
John Alfred Moreau
John Herbert Moreno
Frank Ernest Morey Jr.
Walter William Morgan
Richard Girard Morin
Dennis Leroy Morrill
Edward Francis Morrill
David Michael Morris
Harold Herbert Morris
Robert Edward Morris Jr.
Thomas Richard Morris
Wendell Albert Morrison
William John Morrison
Albert Wilfred Morrissette
Peter Moskos
Vincent Antonio Mottola
Richard Stephen Moxley
John James Moynahan
William Francis Mullen
Wayne Wilson Mullin
Patrick John Muraca
Francis John Muraco
John Leo Murdock
Arthur Patrick Murphy Jr.
Charles John Murphy Jr.
Danile Owen Murphy
David Wayne Murphy
Edward Joseph Murphy Jr.
Michael Murphy
Richard Brian Murphy
Timothy Francis Murphy Jr.
William Campbell Murphy
James Francis Murray
John Butler Murray
Thomas Edward Murray
William Donald Murray Jr.
Jeffrey Philip Myers
Carl W. Myllymaki III
Norman Joseph Napierata
George Alfred Nash Jr.
Peter Gary Nash
Richard John Nashawaty
John Michael Nealon
Peter Mary Nee
Harold Barnett Nelson
Robert Joseph Nelson
Lewis Jewett Newberry
Wayne Paul Newcomb
Paul Francis Newman Jr.
Thomas Carroll Nickerson
Joseph Elwin Nimiroski
Lawrence Joseph Nolan
Peter Francis Nolan
Gordon Joseph Norman
Richard Louis Norton
Robert Philip Nowicki
Russel Willis Noyes
Ronald Wade Nute
Alan Joseph O'Brien
Edward Stephen O'Brien
Philip Anthony O'Brien
T. Christopher Ford O'Brien
William Joseph O'Brien
Brian Richard O'Connor
Frederick J. O'Connor Jr.
George Alfred Odiorne
James Clifton Offley
Herbert Ohler
James Kevin O'Leary
Richard Laughlin O'Leary
Walter Stanley Olinsky Jr.
Richard Olson
Richard Emil Olson
John Paul Harris Olt
Walter James O'Neil
Charles Leo O'Neill Jr.
Dennis Michael O'Neill
George Edward O'Neill
Thomas Edward O'Neill Jr.
William Dwight Ordway
Francis Joseph O'Reilly
James C. O'Reilly Jr.
Thom Thurston Osborn
James Edward O'Toole Jr.
David George Ouellet
John Francis Overlock
William Lee Owen Jr.
David Lee Owens
James Edward Oxley
Addison William Page Jr.
Enrico Henry Pagano Jr.
John Robert Painter Jr.
George Robert Palermo
Luco William Palma
James Edward Palmeri
David Harold Palmieri
James Francis Panzarella
Anthony Steven Papalas
Jeffrey Mark Parent
Robert Warren Parent
Frederick G. Parker Jr.
Robert Kenneth Parker
Bruce Carlton Parmelee
Carmine David Parrella
Charles Edward Parsons
John Emidio Pasquantonio
Anthony Joseph Passerello
Henry Edward Patenaude
Timothy Coleman Patterson
Joseph Ronald Paulette
John Charles Peel
Gilbert Coroa Peixoto
Paul John Pelletier
Peter James Pennucci
Stephen Joseph Penta
Frederick Joseph Perkins
Alan James Perrault
Daniel Perry
Alfred E. Peterson
Burton W. Jr Peterson Jr.
Carl Alfred Peterson
Gerald Roy Peterson
John Peterson
Robert Elton Petschke Jr.
Joseph Bion Jr Philipson Jr.
Leonard Picanso Jr.
Joseph Michael Pignato
Charles William Pigott
Luiz Pina Jr.
William J. Pinard
Jeffrey Antone Pinheiro
Richard Norman Pinsonnault
Caesar Augustus Pinto
Salvatore John Piscitello
David Allen Pitts
James Robert Pizzano
Bernard Stanley Plaza
Robert Stephen Plunkett
Ronald Joseph Pointer
Paul Eugene Poirer
Edmond Chester Polenski
Steven Jay Popkin
Stephen Richard Porcella
Louis Edward Porrazzo
Gary Thurston Porter
Kevin Anthony Porter
Dennis Michael Poteat
Richard Edward Potter
Richard William Power
Francis Edward Powers Jr.
John Lionel Pratt
Richard Joseph Preskenis
Robert Edward Preston
Guy Jerry Protano Jr.
Roland Andre Provencal
David Armand Provost
Paul Anthony Przelomski
David James Pugh
David James Pugliesi
Edward Allen Putney
Paul Francis Quill
John Philip Quinn Jr.
Michael Patrick Quinn
Richard James Quinn
John Vincent Quintal
Andrew Charles Rabaiotti
John J. Rabideau
Jack Rabinovitz
Inzar William Rackley Jr.
Stephen Joseph Rago
Jeffrey William Rainaud
Leonidas Raisis
Louis Raymond Raleigh
Thomas Michael Ralston
Davis Leroy Ramsay
John Louis Ramsey
Richard Paul Rand
Frederick Arthur Randall
Joseph Paul Rando
David Rapelye
Jan Ivan Rasenyuck
Carl Allan Rattee
Walter Donald Ray
John James Raymond
Dennis Joseph Reardon
William Kenneth Regan
Paul Francis Reid
Tiago Reis
Ralph Victor Renauld Jr.
Paul Allen Rezendes
Clinton Morell Rhoades Jr.
Robert David Rhodes
James Joseph Rice
Peter Bernard Rich
Donald Lawrence Richards
W. Wallace Richards
Neal Olin Richey
Steven James Riggs
Richard Bennett Rinehart
Carlos Rivera Jr.
Mark Henry Rivest
Daniel Bailey Roberts
Bristol Robertson Jr.
Charles William Robertson
Donald W. Robertson
Charles John Robinson
Eugene Francis Robinson
Russell Robinson
Paul Edward Robitaille
Ronald Roderick
Paul Irving Roderigues
Robert Lawrence Rodrick
Daniel Everette Rodrigues
Richard Rodrigues
Edward Francis Rogers
Leo Richard Rogers
John Willard Rohr
Robert Frank Ronga Jr.
Richard A. Rosbeck
Albert James Rose
Carlos James Rose
Charles Richard Rosenbusch
Robert Leslie Ross
Edward John Rosser
Russell Rene Roulier
David Paul Roy
Peter William Roy
Robert Patrick Rumley
Paul William Rumrill
Samuel James Rumson Jr.
Gordon Warren Russell
Kenneth Murel Russell
Gary Alfred Rust
Robert Edward Ryan
Willard R. Ryan
Vincent Francis Sabatinelli
Seymour Patrick Sadberry
Bruce Elliott Sagerian
Peter Nicholas Samaras
Ignacio Sanchez
James Joseph Sansone
Albert Willard Santos
Theodore Francis Sas
Stephen Savage
John Henry Savageau
Lawrence Neil Savino
Edward John Scahill
Michael John Scanlon
Robert Peter Schena
Francis Philip Schmautz
Alfred Vincent Schofield
William Hadley Scholes
Peter Frye Schramm
George Clifton Schultz Jr.
Richard Allen Scott
Kenneth William Scully
Frederick Vernon Seaborne
Joseph Andrew Seaman
Thomas Martin Seklecki
Robert Russell Sennett
Mark MacDonald Serrem
Henry Joseph Servent Jr.
Anthony John Sestito
William Francis Seveney
Wayne Thomas Severino
John Herbert Shallah
Ronald William Shaller
Milton Shapiro
Harold Leon Shattuck Jr.
Harold Joseph Shea
Charles Joseph Sheehan III
Paul Henry Sheehan
Ronald Earl Sherman
Dennis Francis Shine
John Edward Shiraka
William Jose Shortsleeves
James Hunter Shotwell
George Jerry Shufelt
Michael Bernard Shuman
John Aulde Sickel III
James Guerdon Signett
Robert John Silva
Arvid Oscar Silverberg Jr.
Robert Francis Silvestri
Craig Michael Simeone
Wayne Carl Simmons
Anthony Simoes
David Lowell Simon
Joseph Eugene Sintoni
Lawrence Everett Sirois
George Joseph Skapinsky
Ronald Albert Skelton
Gordon Armstrong II Skinner
Richard Don Slack Jr.
David Frederick Sleeper
Duncan Balfour Sleigh
Alfred John Small
Cedrick Louvane Smart
Domenic Smigliani
Alan John Smith
Edward Francis Smith
Eldon Wayne Smith
George Smith
Paul Calvin Smith
Rayburn Lester Smith III
Stephen Smith
Warren Parker Smith Jr.
William Mark Smith
Guy Ford Snyder
Manuel Aguiar Soares
Frank Michael Sokolowski
Steven Dennis Somerville
Eugene Vincent Sonner
John Anthony Sorrenti
Laurence Nelson Sousa
Robert Joseph Sowinski
Kenneth Glenn Spencer
Alfred William Speyer
Stephen Arthur Spiers
Paul Donald Spillane
Robert Everett Spires
Richard Carl St. Amand
James Augustine St. Cyr
Wladyslow Staniszewski
Buddy Alfonza Stanley
James Alexander Stark
James Cecil Starnes
John Allen Steel
Edward Peter Stefanik
Robert Townsend Steinsieck Jr.
Howard David Stephenson
Stephen Joseph Steriti
Fred Martin Steur
Francis George Stevens
Edward Samuel Stewart
James Joseph Stewart
Paul John Stewart
Paul Leo Stewart
John F. Stirling
Bernard Edward St. Jean
David Michael St. John
Albert Alfred St. Lawrence
Paul John Stochaj
Henry Rideout Stoddard Jr.
Edward Thomas Stone Jr.
Larry Lee Stoner
Thomas John Stopyra
Gus Stovall Jr.
Michael Leonard St. Pierre
Charles Frankllin Strafello
Roger Henry Strout
Arthur Stroyman
David Owen Sullivan
Edward Michael Sullivan
Francis C. Sullivan Jr.
James Edward Sullivan
John Joseph Sullivan
John Miller Sullivan
Leo Joseph Sullivan Jr.
Martin Joseph Sullivan
Michael Xavier Sullivan
Paul Joseph Sullivan
Peter Michael Sullivan
Stephen Thomas Sullivan
Paul E. Sundolm
Paul Joseph Surette
Hubert Daniel Sutton
Craig Francis Swain
Leo Edward Swan Jr.
Thomas Paul Sweeney
Wayne John Sylvia
Roy Tom Tabler
Emil Jerome Tadevich
John Phillips Taillon
Ambrose P. Tanasso Jr.
James Vincent Taurisano
Belmiro Tavares Jr.
Charles Albert Tavares
Manuel Antonio D. Tavares
Ernest Ray Taylor Jr.
Philip Joseph Taylor
Robert Charles Tedford
James Michael Termini
Frederick Garside Terry
William Bickers Terry
Robert Nazaire Tetreault
Neal Robert Thalin
Paul Raymond Theriault
Kenneth M. Thibault
John Lornie Thibeault
David Arthur Thimmer
Joseph Eugene Thomas
Joseph Fox Thomas
Jerry Lenwood Thompson
Jimmy Lee Thompson
Ronald Neal Thompson
Theodore Andre Thompson Jr.
William Francis Thompson Jr.
Francis Joseph Thorpe
James Edward Tighe
Gardner Tillson Jr.
Michael James Tobey
Robert Jacy Todd
Charles Ehnstrom Tofferi
Robert Richard Tolpa
Ted Norman Tolzmann
James E. Tompkins
Robert William Topham Jr.
Wayne Herbert Tovet
Wayne Edgar Tower
Robert Francis Townes Jr.
Eldon William Tozer
David Oscar Trahan
Paul William Trainor
Bernard Francis Tremblay
Alfred Leonard Tripp
Donald Delmore Tripp
James Edward Trushaw
Peter Tsirovasiles
Edwin Byron Tucker
Eric Lawrence Tuller
Robert Edward Tully
Francis Xavier Turbert
Peter Rudolph Turcotte
Daniel Robert Turner
Don Eldridge Turner
Donald John Turner
Jeffrey Gordon Tyne
Earl Edward Tyree
George Warren Underwood
Carleton Webster Upton
Pervis B. Valentine Jr.
Joseph Leo Vallee
Philip Richard Vanasse
David Michael Vancellette
David Lee Varvell
Richard John Vasconcellos
Michael Patrick Vaughan
Ronnie Gordon Vaughan
John Vincent Veara
Anthony Guy Velardo
Thomas Joseph Vezeau
Timothy Lawrence Vicalvi
Joseph Vieira Jr.
John Viera
John F. Waden
Carl Daniel Wakefield
Douglas Alexander Walker
Orien Judson Jr Walker Jr.
Ralph Bamford II Walker
Sterling Aiden Wall
Harry William Wallace
Joseph Robert Wallen
James Michael Walsh
Richard David Walsh
Robert Stephen Walsh
John Kenneth Warger
Kent H. Waring
Fred Zimri Washburn
Craig Houston Waterman
Michael J. Waterman
Marvin Leroi Watson
Ralph O. Watts
David J. Wax
George Robert Weaver Jr.
William Carrell Weaver
Gary Joseph Webb
Monek Weitz
Richard William Welch
Phillip Rogerson Wellons
Russell William Wendler
Raymond John West
Michael Cornelius Whalen
James Kenneth Wheeler
John Willis Wheelock
Albert Ronald White
John Cullin White
John Edward White
Robert Henry White
Harold Charles Whittaker
Thomas William Whitten
Robert James Wiggin
Arthur Quentin Wigglesworth
Thomas John Wilk
Donald Alfred Wilkinson
Alan Wayne Willard
Ralph John Willard
Burr McBride Willey
Alfred Lacy Williams
Arthur Paul Williams
David Edwards Williams
Ronald Williams
Walter Douglas Williams
Wilbur Leo Williams Jr.
Calvin Ray Wilson
Joseph William Wirth
Ronald Edward Wissman
Chester Lawrence Witanek Jr.
Edward James Wolfendale
Barry Lee Wolk
Laurence Oliver Woodson
Arthur Emerson Wright III
Ralph Chester Wright Jr.
Willie Joseph Wright
Blair Charlton Wrye
Charles Augustus Yeomans
Richard Albert York
Donald Raymond Young
Douglas Allen Young
Gerald Francis Young
Stanley Joseph Yurewicz
James Donald Zebert
Ronald Paul Zenga
Nickolaus Charles Zozula